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Moving forward

It’s been a while since my last post now so i thought i’d give you an update. Since my last post i have been attending a beginners course in silver jewellery at Ravstedhus in Denmark. the class was very good

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from silver pieces to silver pieces.

So after doing mainly graffiti art all my life to doing jewelery is quite a step. Trying to get seen by decorating walls and whatnot now transfer to decorating people. Allthough i haven done any illegal graffiti in many years

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Me and jewellery, where did that come from?

It started in Australia on our honeymoon. Some of my wife┬┤s friends gave us a suitcase containing 2 bags of sediments/wash from a river in Glen Innes, that supposedly contained sapphires. So after fossicking thru them during our stay, only

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