from silver pieces to silver pieces.


So after doing mainly graffiti art all my life to doing jewelery is quite a step.

Trying to get seen by decorating walls and whatnot now transfer to decorating people.

Allthough i haven done any illegal graffiti in many years i still feel connected to the underground movement that does what they please to brighten up the grayness in life. But me for my sake started to think about the results of my actions, both for people who has to clean up after me and myself if i should get caught doing vandalism. Beeing an anarchist at heart i found myself having become more conservative and by chance i got a job as a security guard. Getting cought doing vandalism would most likely get me fired and i could forget about living with my wife in Australia.

One of the perks of my current job you can call it, is that it is often very slow and long (12hrs) shifts where there is hours between the times i actually have to do anything. I found working with a jewellery piece is a nice little way to make the time fly a little faster, and also very rewarding. Allmost every task i need to do can be done in spare time while working, from sawing, sanding, metal clay work, even torching my piece works if there are no fire alarm where im at. And chain maille jewellery is abit like knitting and can be done everywhere. And recieving comissions makes me feel safer accepting them because im not confined to afterhours to do all of the work. And beeing an amateur still, every piece is still a learning experience even if i think i know exactly what to do 🙂

Here is a picture of some of the things i have made untill now, good and bad ones.


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