Me and jewellery, where did that come from?


Big bag of black spinell and quarts, to the sides sapphires and the bought sapphire in the bottom.

It started in Australia on our honeymoon.

Some of my wife´s friends gave us a suitcase containing 2 bags of sediments/wash from a river in Glen Innes, that supposedly contained sapphires. So after fossicking thru them during our stay, only small amounts of sapphires was the result, which again led me to buy an actual 3ct sapphire at the shop in Glen Innes to give my wife who had to endure my treasure hunting instincts that consumed quite a few hours of our honeymoon.

So I gave her the sapphire but what to do with it?

So I started thinking about ways for her to wear it, and I started youtubing jewellery making videos and discovered that there was something called ´precious metal clay´ that could be moulded in to shape and burned to become nice silver jewellery. This looked interesting to learn but there were no classes in my neck of the woods so I kinda let it be with the thought. I kept up  the youtubing and saw many videos about all sorts of jewellery making techniques, and then as a good surprise my wife had booked me into a class as a christmas present, at London Jewellery School.

It was such a nice class and i booked her in as well so we did it as a couple, and I learned so much by doing it with a teacher present as opposed to trying out on my own.

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